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I have served in Special Operations, Intelligence and as a DEA Special Agent.  I’ve worked on the Mexican and Nicaraguan borders with Miskito Indians, in the Chilean Andes with the Aymara Indians, at the White House, and the Pentagon.

After that, I started my first company Yamaneko Dojo LLC, in 1990. It’s still going strong. I started my next company WarriorSchool LLC in 1995. By 2004 I was making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, while training fellow veterans for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I was also privileged to employ my brother and sister veterans in the process. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the men and women and the mission. And me. “If you are on mission, the money will follow.”

I’ve founded numerous 501(c) 3 charities too.  My charities and Chaplaincy have literally saved more lives than I can count.  That gave me wealth, which is different than riches.

My next enterprise was books, articles, radio and podcasts. That gets better monthly. And I’m also making money.

My next company is GRIN-X.com, a competitive intelligence Bio-tech intelligence firm, which is doing even better than all of my other business put together!

None of this was easy. I work like a dog. But I help people when they need it. And because I am very, very good at helping people, I am rewarded in wealth (life) and riches (funds).

I can help you do the same if you are willing and ready to do the work.

Are you?
If so, request an interview with me today (no charge).  If you have what it takes to move forward and build your KQ, and you are ready to get started after your initial interview, cost is $350 per hour for a one-on-one video meeting.  If you are in Tucson, then we can meet in person.
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